Engineering Projects

by Zachary Mason

A collection of personal and work projects that have helped me grow

 What, how, results

1. AVÉ Farm Build

AVÉ is a small vertical farming company that I founded in Montreal in 2020 

Project AVÉ's mission is to grow and distribute fresh, pesticide-free vegetables in an ecologically responsible manner year round. We seek to replace imported food products that have negative impacts on the environment.

check out our site at avé.com

After drafting a business plan and securing 500sqft space. I then began the process of designing the farm.

My design principles were optimize for output and efficiency while minimizing CAPEX and operational labour costs. 

With this is mind I decided to go with a custom ZipGrow design that I would build myself. My thinking was that industrial racking was bulky, expensive, and would make it difficult to access higher grow levels for plant care, maintenance and monitoring (Labour cost). (That being said, I did go with a flood and drain industrial racking system for the microgreen and seedling system).

I made some preliminary space set-up desi 

microgreen system photo